Eventually we all come to a crossroads in life where we pause and wonder if we can go any further. Some changes come easier than others, and some seem to ask more from us than we think we can manage. Emotions or frustration can block our vision and cause us to feel unsure about how to move forward. 
By the time you decide to seek counseling to help sort out the issues, you may find yourself feeling:
  • stuck in fear or depression
  • pushed to the edge of emotional fragility with anxiety and fear
  • overwhelmed with sadness and grief
  • angry or confused and unclear as to why
  • ready to give up on your relationship
People come to counseling for different reasons. You may be looking for help with a specific concern or immediate crisis. Or perhaps you are experiencing a vague, gnawing sense of emptiness or sadness and don’t know which way to turn for relief. 
Whatever has brought you to your current crossroads, welcome to the next step on your journey. You have come this far already, which means there is a part of you willing to ask new questions and find new answers. Whether you seek clarity about painful decisions or are ready to clean your emotional house of old beliefs that no longer work, counseling is a unique space within your week designed to focus on you and your search for a better life.
My goal as your therapist is to provide a safe place where you can share your personal story. I listen with an open heart, non-judgmental and a curious spirit. Clients often find themselves struggling with old, unconscious beliefs that interfere with living their best life. As you explore what is really true for you, you'll find that healing and transformation becomes possibile.  
This is the “work” of therapy - a step out of ordinary time when you can:
  • reflect on how you got to where you are now
  • gain a new understanding of where you want to be
  • explore new possibilities for being who you truly are
The match of therapist to client is like any important relationship; it requires a felt sense of empathy, compassion, and connectedness. If you feel safe and heard, you’ll know if you have found the best person for helping you on your path of personal growth. I invite you to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.
Remember to be gentle with yourself on this most precious journey.

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  The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.  
Marcel Proust    French novelist  (1871 - 1922)