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It has long been my belief that we aren’t provided adequate life education to handle the human challenges of a normal life. Consequently, we often don’t know how to handle a significant 

I am passionate about working with and caring for people who struggle with the difficult jolts that normal life brings. People who feel “different” or suffer from the stress that comes with upsets such as divorce, depression, job loss, relationship crisis, mid-life transition can find relief and understanding through the gift of counseling. 

As a therapist I listen, reflect back to you what I hear, and ask a lot of questions to open the hidden doors of your unconscious belief systems. Provocative, thoughtful questions can generate new insights that lead to new answers. My style is warm and interactive. I see myself as part guide and part companion on your journey to self awareness. My job is to create a safe place where you can explore your concerns with no judgment; only gentle acceptance and insightful curiosity.  

  • Depression
  • Anxiety - Confusion
  • Anger - Frustration
  • Work - Career difficulties
  • Relationship conflicts 
  • Health challenges 
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Life transitions

There are amazing new discoveries in the field of neuroscience that have contributed to the treatment of trauma, childhood attachment patterns, and dysfunctional relationship.   There are new methods to address how our brain is wired for anxiety, depression, co-dependency and other symptoms that interfere with healthy interactions with others.  I have specialized training in Somatic Transformation, LifeSpan Integration, Attachment Theory and Mindfulness and continue to expand my education of the neural capacity of our brain and the body to change and heal.    

Working with neuroscience discoveries involves a modality of healing that rebuilds neural pathways within the brain to disconnect the automatic programming of early life issues. Clients have experienced a new sense of freedom that comes with a strong core sense of self and the ability to move beyond habitual reactions that no longer work. The somatic work helps heal our body memories that retain dysfunctional, unconscious responses to common situations.

There is a saying that all anyone really wants is to love and be loved ~ not that complicated yet often hard to achieve in real life. What moves me most is when I sit with someone as they reflect on their sadness or confusion; and then that one moment comes when their eyes light up with a new realization. The Aha Moment. How often do we truly feel heard when we speak our mind, our heart, our soul?

My Background  

I returned to Pacifica Graduate Institute for a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in midlife as part of a re-awakening to who I am and to honor a calling to work with people in a deeply intimate way. The mid-life transition can happen at any age, whenever life turns out “different than expected” and self-identity and life purpose is called into question. It is a mysterious and enlightening process that remains a central theme in my work.  

Prior to graduate school my career path took many turns. I managed to re-create myself with each new chapter of my life. I have lived on a kibbutz in Israel, worked as Marketing Director in Ophthalmic Surgery, served as Executive Assistant in both university and healthcare settings, supported training and development seminars, staffed Wilderness Ropes Courses, and managed events for non-profit organizations. The common thread through all these activities was support, creativity, and caring for others. Heeding the call to become a psychotherapist integrated my life experiences with my passion for helping people in a very personal way.  

I am a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor # LH60242121.  I love that I get to attending professional conferences and seminars as part of my job to continually hone my therapeutic skills.  

Seattle Jung Society 
Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study
American Association of Marriage Family Therapists
Somatic Transformation Therapy 
Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist
​Family Systems Therapists Northwest
life transition in a positive manner so as to avoid the emotional breakdowns, damaged relationships, and identity struggles that can result. Where are we taught how to cope with an abusive past or how to cultivate a healthy sense of self esteem in the face of dysfunctional relationships?  
Individuals and couples who come to see me are dealing with a variety of issues such as:
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We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.    
JoHann Wolfgang von Goethe   (1749-1832)